Featured Micro Projects

Sass Maze Algorithms


90s Space Suit - Therapy


CSS-only Calculator


Qorxon: Cruise Control


CSS-only Connect 4

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Recent posts

Speaking to Machines

We tend to be quite removed from how code actually works beyond layers of abstraction. Here we take a look at writing collision detection with zeros and ones.

Your Role as a Candidate

As professionals in software/web engineering, there are many expectations set about what we can do on a technical level. Your career however is more than just writing code, its about making decisions.

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Personal Projects

Bat Cannon

Swift 2 (UIKit)

Placemat: An HTML table preprocessor

Ruby (and a docs website)

WEAMON: Weather Monsters

Objective-C, NSSql, Magic Record, PHP, MySQL, JSON



Captain's Log

PHP, Twitter API + (html/css/js)

Languages, Tools, & Methods:

Everyday Languages

Sass, haml, Jinja2, JavaScript, Swift 2

Everyday Tools & Methodologies

Gulp, Google Closure, Middleman, Git, Bourbon, Neat, Kanban, Scrum, BEM

Some Experience

Python, Ruby, Angular.js, MySQL

Misc+/Past Experience

PHP, Raphael.js, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Pascal, 6502 Assembly, Wordpress, Actionscript 3, Objective-C

Currently Reading:

Beyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions by Luke Hohmann

Current Roles:

Web Engineer
@ Huge

Part-time Lecturer
@ The New School

Past Roles:

Freelance Consultant
@ Code Climate

Lead Web Developer
@ Addison Design Co.

Private iOS
Development Tutor

Co-founder / Lead Engineer
@ Index Interactive

Game Developer
@ DMA Animation


Lectures & Courses

Interactive Web Design

Studio Couse/ Lecture @ The New School

AAS class on web design, UX/UI, and methodologies/process.

CSS with BEM

Talk @ Huge Inc.

A talk about organizing, scaling, and writing clean semantic, maintaible CSS.

Embrace the Medium

Lecture @ Addison Design Co.

A lecture focused on how to design and sell inconsistency on the web to 100 employees.

Building Twitter Bots

Workshop @ Parsons Code Club

A workshop in which participants built twitter bots using PHP and Cron Jobs.

Coding After Design School

Lecture @ Parsons the New School for Design

A lecture focused on helping to prepare students for what a career in code may look like after attending design school.

Communities & Groups

Current / Active

Gotham Sass , Codepen NYC


Dumbo Tech Breakfast

Attended Conferences



JS Summit 2014 (online) , Artifact East 2014