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William Anderson

I am an iOS/Web developer that loves programming experiences, and working on unique projects, especially those that revolve around play. From 2010 to 2014, I co-ran Index Interactive, and also served as the Lead Developer, having worked on a range of exciting projects, which you can find here on my site. Please feel free to reach out for any reason.

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The (Tech) Downside of Social Media

A common request from clients when building out a more complex service on the web is the ability to login via a social network, most often Facebook. This post explores the possible downsides to implementing such a solution.

Store-bought Code: Why Not To Use PlugIns

One of the most crippling factors preventing a larger number of individuals from becoming more competent programmers and developers is the ready availability and overall abundance of plugins. Often seen as a means of facilitating or expediting development, plugins are in fact not only an inhibitor to education, but wholly inappropriate in business.

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Please, by all means get in touch! I am available to talks/lecture, private tutoring/lessons, teaching, and talking about code/whatever over coffee.